The Journey Begins

I look at my experiences as wisdom gained. Change is the constant. I choose to grow positively as a person, to learn more, to live more, to pursue my passions and dreams, to act with purpose, and to share with others. I am on a journey.  The power is in this current moment.

I am taking a more active role in writing my life story.   I’ve created this blog to share my experiences and some of the actions I’m taking to make some significant changes in my life.   I’ve been UP and I’ve been DOWN.   I like UP better.   I hit that low point and I realized “This is NOT who I am.”   I made a decision to not stay there and to take responsibility for my life.   While not down anymore,  I’ve also seen how my mind has been resisting putting some changes in place.  It subconscious wants me to stay where I am.  And I understand why it does that.  Change is seen as a threat.  But while I can stay comfy cozy where I’m at,  I choose to push myself to grow.

I will be posting my experiences in my journey, for myself mainly…  But I feel that by doing so, I may discover something new inside me that I did not know.  I up up for it.

We are more all more powerful than we know.

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton